A good fly fishing film will inspire you to get out and fish more.
     Western Fly Media wants to provide you an escape from the daily
         grind and to show the best scenes from our fly fishing trips.
             Follow us throughout our fly fishing season and let us bring
                 quality fly fishing footage to you.

Trout Country Trailer


Trout Country


One Big Fish

One Big Fish

Art To Watch

Art To Watch

Salmon Bugs


Fall Troutting


Want free fly fishing videos? Look no further. Western Fly Media will bring it all to your computer screen, wherever you are.
Not all of us are able to fish every weekend, every month, or even more than a few times a year. No worries.
Let us showcase quality short films of our experiences. We fish and you watch.

Check back from time to time to see the latest films posted each time on our website.